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Martial Arts

In the Daoist tradition, martial arts are part of a broader spiritual practice. Our bodies, as vessels for energy, need to be healthy, strong, lacking in blockages for any kind of spiritual pursuits. Martial arts practice also helps us work on two very important qualities: awareness of the present moment, and confronting fear. Teaching ourselves to let go of dwelling on the past or trying to anticipate the future can be very liberating, but also very difficult. Playing with martial arts forces us to be in this moment, to avoid being hit or pushed. Confronting the fears we all carry with us can also have a very transformative effect on life, and playing with physical confrontation in a safe and controlled way is a very useful tool for confronting fear.



Taijiquan, also known as "tai chi", is a martial art based on the harmonic interaction of yin and yang energies. It is characterized by slow, fluid movement practice in a solo form and the 2-person practice of Push Hands.



Xingyiquan is a martial art based on the Wu Xing, or Five Phases, of Metal, Water, Wood, Fire, and Earth. The solo practice involves repetitive practice of five fist forms that move straight down the central line.



Baguazhang is a martial art based on the Ba Gua, or eight trigrams, which are the basis for the Yi Jing. The practice involves walking in a circle with a particular footwork called "mud stepping", and executing palm changes to change direction.

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