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Through the study of ancient texts such as the Yi Jing and the Dao De Jing, we come to a different approach to the relationship between ourselves and our surroundings.


The Dao De Jing by Laozi is the primary foundational text of Daoism. The Daxuan tradition's approach to the Dao De Jing is that it is written for doing, not for knowing. It is a text to be studied for an approach to practice, to living life, not just for philosophy.

The Yi Jing is a complex study of the relationship of Yin and Yang in the universe. There are 64 hexagrams made up of six lines which can be either yin or yang. Each hexagram describes a particular type of situation and the proper response for dealing with that situation. The Yi Jing has been used as a book of divination but it is best understood as a book of wisdom.

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